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Adventures in Florida Company Overview

adventures in floridaThanks for making Adventures in Florida your trusted Adventure Seeker Resource for over 12 years.  Our Adventure Resource Group was founded in 1997 by a small group of extremely active and passionate adventure seekers.  They had grown frustrated and tired of spending more time finding new adventures and new adventure companies to support them then they were on enjoying the adventures themselves…and they weren’t alone.

To ease that burden, our first Adventure Seekers Resource Website, CalAdventures.com, was launched in 1997 and in 2001, Adventures in Florida joined the party to become our second Adventure Seeker Resource.  Since then we’ve added Adventures in New York and we’re not done yet.  Where there’s a need, there’s a will and where there’s a will there’s definitely a way.

Adventures in Florida focuses on you, the adventure customer and our goal is to provide you with a One-Stop Adventure Discovery Platform to explore amazing new and unique adventures, but we don’t stop there.  We want your Adventure experience to be the very best and to that end, we’ve spent years developing an exclusive network of reliable and affordable Florida Adventure Companies that can help you save time, money and frustration.

one stopThis is how it works:

1.    Explore lots of Exciting New Adventures
2.    Connect with Reliable, Affordable and Experienced Adventure Companies
3.    Pick Your Adventure and Your Adventure Company
4.    Recieve a Free Special Offer and/or Discount Adventure Coupon
5.    Enjoy the Fun, Excitement & Value of Your Adventure


florida-adventures-for-everyoneThat’s It!  Adventures in Florida’s large selection of traditional and non-traditional adventures guarantees an exciting, fun and memorable adventure for everyone, no matter how old or young they are!  If you’re looking to explore new adventures or relive adventures you’ve tried before, you’ve come to the right place because Adventures in Florida has you covered!  Adventures in Florida – Your Resource for Fun, Adventure and More…

Our goals and expectations are the same today as they were when our founding sister company, CalAdventures.com, opened their doors for business back in 1997 and we opened ours in 2001.

We provide a no cost, reliable and quality based resource to Adventure customers and Adventure Seekers that saves them time, money and frustration.  We provide a unique and all inclusive one-stop online platform where adventure customers can explore all kinds of new, unique and exciting adventure possibilities that they wouldn’t normally search for or hear about and we do it in one convenient and user friendly umbrella. Our focus is on you, the Adventure Customer.

When used properly, the Internet can be a very powerful tool!  It provides Adventure Seekers with a great resource for finding, comparing and exploring the details of adventures that interest them and the companies that provide them.  Unfortunately, not all resource centers are created equal and unlike Adventures in Florida, they don’t all put the needs of Adventure Seekers above their own.  Adventures in Florida focuses on making your adventure experience all that it can be and more…

Some resource sites are nothing more than gigantic online billboards that allow anyone to post anything for free.  Others devote the majority of their site to advertising and you can’t tell where the sales stop and the adventures begin.

gator tours in floridaWe’re not an online free adventure resource directory and we don’t plaster our site with wall to wall advertisements.  Our Adventure Companies, Providers and Partners share the same Adventure philosophy and provide Adventure Seekers with top notch adventures. Great adventures, great service and a great value are why our adventure customers come back to visit and it’s why they bring their friends.

Our adventure philosophy has served Adventure Seekers and Adventures in Florida well for the last 16 years, and like the old saying goes, why fix it if it’s not broken.

Thanks for visiting Adventures in Florida and we hope your adventure exploration turns up exactly what you were looking for or maybe something even better!

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