Frequently Asked Questions


Listed below you’ll find some of our most Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s.  If your question isn’t listed below or if the answer to your question isn’t adequate, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details



  • Does Adventures in Florida provide the adventures?

    No, we are a quality resource site designed to help you discover the perfect adventure at a great price. We help you find the adventures and send you a coupon, but you need to make your adventure.

  • How do I contact a company featured on your site?

    At the bottom of each company’s page is their phone number, address, and email address.

  • How do I get the adventure coupon?

    On the adventure company’s page, look for the bright pink Special Offer box. Click it, then fill out the simple form with your name and email address and click submit. (We don’t sell your information – view our Privacy Policy.) Your coupon will be instantly delivered to your email inbox!

  • Do I have to enter my email address to receive a coupon?

    Yes, that is the delivery mechanism for your coupon. It allows you to instantly receive the coupon along with the contact information of the adventure company. You can refer back to the information in the email as needed and print the coupon at your convenience. We don’t sell your information – here’s our Privacy Policy.

  • I can’t get my coupon to print

    Your coupon is emailed instantly to your inbox, so you can print it at any time. You can print from your email or copy/paste the coupon into a Word document. You may also bring up the coupon on your mobile device and show it upon check-in at the adventure site. If your coupon did not arrive in your email, first check your Spam folder. If you still don’t see it, please contact us with your email address (double-check that it’s correct) and we’ll send it again.

  • Where do I use the coupon—at the company or through the Adventures in Florida website?

    Use your coupon with the Adventure Company of your choosing, mention it when you book your adventure and present it to the Adventure Company for redemption when you arrive for your adventure. If the company has provided a coupon code (listed on the coupon), you may use that for online booking with the adventure company.

  • Can I share feedback or a complaint about a company listed on your site?

    Please do share your experiences, good or bad, with Adventures in Florida! We strive to provide the best adventures in Florida and your feedback helps us do that! Just click the Share Your Experience tab (in the middle of the page) on the adventure company page for which you wish to submit feedback. Your comment will then be emailed to us.

  • Can I purchase a gift certificate for one of the adventures featured on the site?

    At this time, Adventures in Florida does not sell gift certificates. Please contact the individual company to purchase a gift certificate. We highly recommend giving the gift of adventure!

  • I represent an adventure company and am interested in being listed on

    We do feature choice, great-quality adventures; we are not a directory or listing service. Please visit our Adventure Company Owners page for more information.

  • How do I make changes to content in my current listing on Adventures in Florida?

    Please email us to request changes or updates to your listing.

  • What if my business is only seasonal? Do you offer a special rate?

    We’ve carefully priced our valuable service so low so than anybody can afford it, regardless of the length of your business’s season. The duration of your season is not what matters; it’s the Return on Investment (ROI) that counts. Our experience over our 16+ years of bringing adventure companies great new customers has proven that our partners – even those with seasonal adventures – typically attain ROI swiftly.

  • Will you exchange links with our site?

    Sorry, we don’t exchange links. We bring our clients business by being a resource and encouraging people to explore and learn about other adventures. People keep coming back when they discover how much there is to do!