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Doing business within Florida’s Adventure Industry has changed dramatically over the last 10-15 years. In the past, large well-financed corporate Adventure Companies dominated the industry and their wide sphere of influence made it extremely difficult for smaller regional, independent and entrepreneurial Adventure Companies to compete for the limited number of quality Adventure seekers in any one area.

Today’s Adventure Industry couldn’t be more different and independent, regional and entrepreneurial Adventure Companies can thank the Internet for leveling the playing field. The Internet doesn’t impose any financial or physical boundaries on your Adventure Company’s sphere of influence or the size of your target market. More importantly, the majority of Florida Adventure Seekers, your customers, consider the Internet their #1 resource for finding, booking and ultimately experiencing the Florida Adventure of their choice.

The opportunity to expand your Adventure Company’s boundaries, enlarge your current customer base and increase your annual Adventure sales revenue is there for the taking and Adventures In Florida can help you get there without breaking the bank.

Adventure_FL_LogoFinal3.epsWho We Are, What We Do & Why it Makes Sense to Join

Who We Are – Adventures In Florida has been helping Adventure Seekers find their adventures with the right Adventure Companies and Providers for over 16 years. We were founded in 1997 and based our business model around our own personal Adventure Industry experiences. Our goals have remained the same since day one:

  • Provide Florida Adventure Seekers with a reputable, enlightening and detailed Adventure resource that they could trust and count on.
  • Provide Adventure Companies and Providers an opportunity to connect with Adventure Seekers interested in finding out more about specific adventure offerings by Adventure Companies just like yours on a fully integrated Internet based platform.

traffic_jpg-230x219That philosophy, and 16 years in the Adventure Industry, has helped build “Win-Win” relationships between businesses and customers. Adventure Seekers save time, money and frustration while Adventure Companies grow their businesses, customer base and sales volume.

What We Do – Adventures In Florida is designed to bring you qualified leads from both the Internet’s search and browse markets. As Search Engine Optimization or SEO experts, we work diligently to make sure your company’s personal Florida Adventure Portal Page is ranked high by all major search engines. For example, the majority of our website visitors are looking for something specific, like skydiving in Florida. Our site visitor tracking statistics show that after they’ve found their adventure and Adventure Company, they often take the time to browse through other adventures from Adventure Companies that interest them. Adventure customers return to our site again and again because they know they can find a wide variety of adventures and Adventure Companies to meet their every need.

increase-salesWe are a high-traffic site and feature a large selection of traditional and non-traditional adventures which allows our visitors the opportunity to explore and discover new adventures and Adventure Companies that they wouldn’t discover on their own.

Our job is introducing lots of brand-new customers to your business, but it’s up to you to close the deal.


Why it Makes Sense to Join the Adventures In Florida Team – For your consideration, we’ve taken the liberty of listing some of the reasons and benefits our Adventure Company partners give us as to why they think it made sense for them to join the Adventures In Florida team:

  • Adventures In Florida is a proven entity with a 16+ year track record for delivering results and not excuses to Adventure Company partners
  • Inexpensive and cost effective use of limited marketing dollars. Adventure seekers receive great value and a quality product
  • New Customer and Lead Generation Quality
  • Increased Adventure Company brand visibility and awareness
  • Truly NEW Customers with little or no cannibalization of your current customers. We bring you fresh customers from the browse market who might not find you otherwise.
  • Visitors spend more time on our site exploring new adventures that would otherwise go undiscovered.
  • SEO for your beautiful page on our site to help new customers see you first
  • Much higher level of professional and courteous service than your usual web hosting company or average ISP.
  • Adventures In Florida is “value based” and not an “amenity based” company which allows us to keep your costs down and focus on you and building your business instead of buying you lunch or sending you a fruit basket at Christmas.
  • No annoying company sales people calling you every day trying to “up-sell” you on the next latest and greatest opportunity.
  • All that and much, much more…

What Do You Get and What does it Cost


In addition to receiving all the features and benefits listed above, you’ll also get a personalized custom and professionally designed full web page on which can be used to build your businesses brand visibility, reach new customer markets and offer special promotional Adventure Seeker deals, discounts or coupons.

The best news is yet to come, especially if you’re an independent, regional or entrepreneurial Adventure Company with a limited or tight marketing budget. The entire annual cost for an Adventure Company to receive everything listed above and become a fully vested member of the Adventures In Florida team is just $500. That’s right, you can start building your businesses brand visibility, introduce more online browsers to your company, increase your current customer base and boost your sales volume for only $500 a year.

We’ve been a staple in the Adventure Industry for over 16 years, so why not take a few dollars and explore the possibilities and benefits of teaming up with Adventures In Florida by taking advantage of what the Internet has to offer.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

*If you are already a Adventures In Florida member or partner and need to update your full web page or contact us for any reason, please contact us.

How Do I Sign Up for the Adventure in Florida’s Experience?

nothing to loose.pngIf you’re interested in learning more about the Adventures In Florida experience or joining the Adventures In Florida team of Adventure Companies, please submit the following information for our consideration: