The Latest Craze in Adventure & Fitness Sports, Standup Padddleboarding!

The fast-growing Adventure and Fitness sport of stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy one of Mother Nature’s most valuable resources, water.  Driven by the fun workout, low learning curve and equipment that makes it easy to learn, stand up paddleboarding has risen from non-existent 15 years ago to red-hot. Paddleboarding is totally versatile, takes minimal equipment, little if any instructional training and you can do it on any major water surface including oceans, lakes, streams and rivers.  Beginners can develop balance and strengthen their core by learning on flat, still water while advanced paddleboarders can race, ride waves and even paddle down rivers for a challenge!  It offers an amazing full body workout and is becoming… Read More

What’s Your Definition of “Extreme” Sports or Adventures?

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What does someone mean and what are they trying to convey when they use the term “Extreme” in association with a particular sport or adventure?  Each of us has a slightly different definition of the word, but we agree in general on most of the criteria needed to be classified as an Extreme Action or Adventure Sport. The term “extreme” has become amazingly popular and it’s been over used by the masses to describe a plethora of activities and adventures, but what actually constitutes an extreme sport or adventure is still up for debate. One of the most important pre-requisites that a sport or adventure must possess to be seriously considered extreme is inherent danger and in this case, less isn’t more.  Other factors that… Read More

Sports Fishing News in Florida

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We’ve got some great news for sports fisherman and even better news for wannabe sports fisherman that haven’t had a chance to get “hooked” on one of  Florida’s greatest adventure sports.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have officially signed off on a special program allowing everyone, from toddlers to seniors, to legally fish anywhere in the Sunshine State of Florida without a fishing license. Surveys over the last few years have shown that first time or would be casual anglers would like to give fishing a try, but the time and expense to obtain a license for something they may or may not enjoy was a deterrent.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission decided to call their bluff and found a way… Read More