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The original airboat tour since 1945

As you travel down US 41, 11 miles west of the Florida Turnpike, through the heart of Florida’s Everglades, you will come across a friendly little town known as Coopertown.

Coopertown, itself, is home to a population of 8 human residents, a restaurant known for its down-home style frog legs and gator tail, an educational center and the entry point to guided airboat tours into the “real” Florida Everglades aboard the Coopertown Airboat fleet.

See why the Miami Herald has rated us # 1 consecutively for the last 45 years!CoopertownPic11

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Learn the secrets of the Everglades… 
America’s most unique and fragile ecosystem.

Our professional airboat guides will take you on a personalized, educational airboat tour covering approximately 9 miles of this unique environment. We first go into the vast open saw grass where you will see why the Everglades are called the “River of Grass”! You will travel by Airboat through a Hardwood Hammock (a small island of solid ground in the “river of grass”), into the Everglades National Park stopping at alligator holes and seeing the abundance of ‘glades wildlife. See the Purple Gallanule voted the most colorful bird in Florida and the endangered Everglade Snail Kite as well as herons, grackles, turtles, raccoons and other Everglades residents! The Everglades are a truly unique and vibrant environment which you can only experience firsthand! Unless you brought your hip waders, a private airboat tour is the best way to see it! (And much drier, too!)

After this fascinating and educational airboat tour, relax and enjoy a taste of ‘Down Home’ cooking, Everglades-style. The Coopertown Restaurant offers such delicacies as frog legs, ‘gator tail, catfish and more! All served in a friendly country manner that is distinctly “Floridian”. “Belly up” to the bar and meet the folks of Coopertown! Learn some of the fascinating history of the area, and check out the guest book to see who else has passed through and enjoyed a ride on a Coopertown Airboat! Take a closer look at these fascinating creatures in our Alligator Exhibit! What a cute little guy! Popular enough to have a college mascot named for it! A ride on an airboat is the best way to Check out the rest of the gator population in Coopertown

Ticket Prices:
Adults $22
Children $11 (ages 7-11)
Children (under 7 years) Free

CoopertownPic6Everglades Private Tours
Coopertown Airboat
Offers private tours Personalized for your Family or group of friends
Our private tours cover 15 to 30 miles of the Everglades National Park

1 Hour private tour: 
Our 1 hour tour takes you further into the open sawgrass prairies to a little island only accessible by airboat. On the island, you will see an old cabin used as a camp by the Glades men. On our return trip we will bring you through the Coopertown trail were we will look for Bird, Alligators, Turtles and other flora and fauna we might find along the way.

1 ½ Hour Private Tour:
Our 1 ½ Adventure covers a larger area of the sawgrass prairies. As we navigate our way through the prairies, we will come across different trails like the Blue Shanty and Islands only accessible by airboat. Then return home through the Coopertown Trail.

2 Hour Private Tour:
Our 2 hour Eco tour allows you to see all the wonderful sight of the other tours and more. This tour is the complete tour. We will scout for gators swimming in the Blue Shanty, Turtles basking in the sun on the roots of a pond apple tree and Red Shoulder Hawks roosting high on the tops of the trees.

Coopertown also has specialty tours:
Picnic Lunches
Corporate Outings


Learn and see more about these prehistoric predators!CoopertownPic9

Did you know that Florida has both crocodiles and alligators – but crocodiles live in salt water and alligators live in fresh water, like the Everglades!

Breeding season begins in April for alligators. Females will lay an average of 40 – 45 eggs at a time. The incubation period is 65 days. Then around August – September, the baby alligators will hatch – they are usually 3-6 inches long at birth. If you look closely at the nest in the bottom picture, you will see a nest of dark and yellow-striped, very recently hatched baby gators.

Alligators are protected by both state and federal regulations. It is illegal to hunt or trap a wild alligator without a permit. The best way to “shoot” a gator is with a camera!

Gators can grow a record 19 feet 2 inches and weigh up to 1,000 lbs. Wild alligators have a typical life span of 35 – 50 years. In captivity, they have been known to live to 60 – 80 years old!

Coopertown’s Alligator Exhibit gives you a chance to take a closer look at these fascinating creatures featuring a 14 foot alligator. Coopertown’s airboat tours let you see how alligators live in their natural habitat of the Florida Everglades.

Alligators have not changed in 65 million years – they are present-day relatives of the dinosaurs. Our experienced “alligator” guides will show you what a truly special creature the gator really is.

And remember, GO GATORS!


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