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"Silent Sports Outfitter" Stocks over 250 Kayaks, Canoes & over 50 SUP'S & 1000 Sq Ft of Accessories.... Kayaks for the Whole Family! We Have Rentals!

Imagine Paddling the peaceful waters along Sarasota’s bays and creeks. Gliding quietly, observing the natural beauty and the lush tropical environment. A local habitat rich with wading birds and marine life. A world the dolphin and manatee call home. A Silent Sports Outfitter can show you Florida in a way that will energize your body, mind and heart. Our goal is to make your trip safe, fun, enlightening, and one you always remember.

Silent Sports Outfitters has been introducing people to the beauty of kayaking for over 19 years.SilentSportsPic1

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At Silent Sports Outfitters we have spent over the last 19 years devoted entirely to the sport of kayaking and canoeing.

We have over 250 kayaks and canoes on display and the largest selection of kayaking equipment and accessories in Florida.

Whether a first time kayaker or expert, whether it’s for fishing, touring, exercise, surfing or just for fun we will help you select the right kayak for you.

WSilentSportsPic7e also know the importance of your safety that’s why it has been our goal to not only get people started in this great sport but to keep them safe while enjoying this lifelong activity. We carry assorted – selected manufacturers.

Silent Sports Outfitters has been introducing people to the beauty of kayaking for over 19 years. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure your kayak purchase or rental is the right kayak for you. Our goal is to make your kayaking experience safe, enlightening and one you will always remember.

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Self-Guided Tours:

Silent Sports Outfitters is the best way to go when renting a kayak for your tour in the greater Nokomis area; including Siesta Key and Sarasota. We provide a wide range of kayak self-guided tours that allow you to observe and interact with wildlife in non-threatening environments. Certificate of Excellence.

Our ultimate adventures are customized for all ages, physical conditions and interests. These tours are family-friendly, safe, educational and most importantly, fun!

During our top-rated kayak tours you can investigate lush ecosystems, explore pristine waterways, and get up close and personal with nature. Come kayaking with us and experience an adventure of a lifetime while discovering:


• Dolphins

• Alligators, Turtles & Fish• Manatees

• Tropical and Nesting Birds

• Beachcombing

• Shelling & Much Much more!

There is no better way to experience Florida’s untouched beauty, exquisite landscapes and unspoiled waterways, than by kayaking with a Silent Sports Outfitters adventure!

Kayak Rentals:

Summer Schedule Rentals With Delivery – SUP Deliver

Blackburn Point

Single            Tandem            Delivery           Pickup

$32                $42                  BBP                 BBP

Time: 9:00am – 12:15pm


Oscar Scherer State Park

Single            Tandem            Delivery           Pickup

$28               $38                   OS                   OS

*All other times, rentals need to be taken on own vehicle

*Single day kayak rentals must be returned by 4:30pm


Take On Your Vehicle

Choice of foam, deck or plastic

2      3         4         5        6        7        8        24


$23   $25     $27     $29    $31    $33    $35     $40


2      3         4         5        6        7        8        24


$33   $35     $37     $39    $41    $43    $45     $50

*Reservations Suggested

*Overnight rentals require a 2 hour minimum plus $7/Single – – – $10/Tandem  (night charge)


Standup Paddleboard Rentals SilentSportsPic5

Choice of foam, deck or plastic

4 Hours: – $25.00

8 Hours: – $38.00

*Take on your own vehicle or Delivery to blackburn Point for a small fee


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