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Dedicated to improving the quality of skydiving for everyone

Whether you are ready to make your first jump, improving your basic skill set, competing in 4 way, or training for National Competition, Skydive University can help you achieve your goals. Using the Skydive University program, you will learn from the best in a professional setting. We focus on teaching proper techniques each step of the way so that you are able to excel as a skydiver. These include taking the exit out of the plane, to various freefall skills, canopy control and flight planning, along with insight on gear and proper maintenance.

No matter what discipline, whether belly flying, free flying, or striving for your rating, we can help you become one of the best.SkydiveUniversityPic3

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TAFF Course

Tunnel Accelerated Free Fall

If you want to make your first skydive or if you have decided that you would like to get certified to enable you to skydive on your own, Skydive University in DeLand, Florida, offers a Wind Tunnel Accelerated Freefall (TAFF) Course.

This is a unique program utilizing the Ifly wind tunnel in Orlando, Florida. You will develop your freefall skills flying ten 2-minute sessions in the tunnel before ever entering or exiting an aircraft. This ensures that you will already be stable in freefall and able to pull your pilot chute handle before making your first skydive. This thorough preparation eliminates much of the normal stress associated with a first skydive and enables you to have more fun!

The Tunnel AFF course consists of 20 minutes of wind tunnel training followed by 8 skydives. At the end of this you will have developed greater skydiving skills and confidence than any other AFF program.

Your AFF training will be split into two.


Part One: The program begins with ground training to teach you the basic skydiving body positions for freefall. You will then head to the wind tunnel to fly a total of 20 mins. practicing these maneuvers. Training in the wind tunnel allows you to feel what it is like in freefall without the pressure of jumping out of an airplane!

Part Two: The next day you will continue with the remainder of your First Jump Course. This training will teach you about your skydiving equipment, how to control your canopy, altitude awareness, exits out of the plane and unusual situations. You are then ready to make your first skydive!

On your first skydive you will exit from 13,500 feet giving you 50 seconds of freefall time with two instructors. Since your freefall skills will already be well developed, emphasis will be placed on your exit, altitude awareness, pulling the ripcord and controlling your parachute.

Then you’ll make 3 more jumps from 13,500 feet with one AFF instructor, to further develop your freefall and canopy skills. Next you will make 3 more jumps with a personal trainer to start developing the techniques you will need to build formations with other people in freefall. You will also continue to practice controlling and landing your canopy. Your 8th jump is from 5,500 and is your first solo dive.

CONGRATULATIONS!!  At the end of level 8, you have graduated your AFF course and can now skydive without the supervision of an instructor.

Wind Tunnel AFF Tunnel training (10x two minutes sessions) $ 450.00

Freefall class $ 75.00


Level 1 (two instructors) $ 215.00

Jumps 2-4 (one instructor) $183.00 each a Total of $ 549.00

Jumps 5-7 (one coach) $127 each a Total of $ 381.00

Jump 8 (first solo skydive) $ 60.00

TOTAL TAFF package $ 1,730.00

Retrain fee $ 65.00

Notes about the Package:

Satisfactory performance must be met for each level to move on to the next, otherwise a repeat of the level may be necessary.

Discounts only apply to package as listed, otherwise regular coaching fees will be applied per jump.

Any repeat levels will not be discounted.

The above package must be completed within two weeks of the start date.

The above package pricing may change at any time.

Our coaching prices will be honered at time of payment, however any price changes reflected from Skydive DeLand services to us may alter the quoted package pricing slightly.

About Us

Skydive University is a professional organization which provides coaching and coach training in Skydiving skills both nationally and internationally.

Skydive University (SDU) produces and publishes educational resource materials on Free Fall Formation Skydiving and other skydiving disciplines to include Canopy Control and Freefly. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) and SDU work cooperatively on program development and USPA endorses SDU’s programs.

SkydiveUniversityPic5SDU offers instructional training of the USPA Coach Course and USPA’s Instructor Examiner Rating Course taught by Skydive University across the world. Skydive University is recognized worldwide as the leader in coach and instructor training and program design.

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SDU’s Coaches Certification program is the most demanding and strenuous test for any skydiving coach to successfully pass. Persons completing the certification program have demonstrated professional knowledge and air skill in the following areas:
adult education, psychomotor teaching, skill analysis, freefall and canopy control techniques, and debriefing techniques.

SDU is also recognized by and has consulted with or conducted programs for the following international organizations or countries:

-Irish Parachute Federation

-Brazilian Parachute Association

-Canadian Sport Parachuting Association

-Danish Parachute Federation

-Dutch Parachute Federation

-Paraguay Parachute Federation

Other countries include Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Thailand, and Venezuela.

SDU’s programs and coach training motivates upcoming skydivers to participate in competitions and or become coaches, trainers, and examiners. SDU coaches have been present at the World Championships since 1990 coaching various country’s national teams.

The sport of parachuting or skydiving is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death to both novice and experienced jumpers.

The Skydive University program is “dedicated to improving the quality of skydiving to everyone,” concerning:  skills, safety, and success.

Currently the Skydive University team of instructors are led by Rob Laidlaw, with decades of experience he provides valuable knowledge teaching and leadership.


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