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We’ve got some great news for sports fisherman and even better news for wannabe sports fisherman that haven’t had a chance to get “hooked” on one of  Florida’s greatest adventure sports.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have officially signed off on a special program allowing everyone, from toddlers to seniors, to legally fish anywhere in the Sunshine State of Florida without a fishing license.

Surveys over the last few years have shown that first time or would be casual anglers would like to give fishing a try, but the time and expense to obtain a license for something they may or may not enjoy was a deterrent.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission decided to call their bluff and found a way to kill two birds with one stone.

fishingThis special program promotes Florida’s incredible saltwater sports fishing prowess along with our reputation for some of the best and most diverse freshwater angling opportunities anywhere.  It’s the Commission’s way of promoting fishing to first timers and casual fishermen, but it’s also a great opportunity for long time veterans and fishing enthusiasts to share what they’ve learned over the years with others who haven’t been as fortunate.

floridaThe designated 2013 dates for saltwater license-free fishing are Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, September 1stSaturday, June 8th has been set aside for freshwater license-free fishing.  To make this offer even more promising, the Commission went out of their way by coinciding the “license free” fishing days with productive fishing days, where fish move into shallow areas and are much easier for anglers to catch.

We owe a big “Thank You” to Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for their unique and innovative approach to promoting our sports fishing industry and let’s hope these “license free” fishing days are magical enough to turn some Florida couch potatoes into die hard Florida sports fishermen.

Happy Angling!



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