The Latest Craze in Adventure & Fitness Sports, Standup Padddleboarding!

The fast-growing Adventure and Fitness sport of stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy one of Mother Nature’s most valuable resources, water.  Driven by the fun workout, low learning curve and equipment that makes it easy to learn, stand up paddleboarding has risen from non-existent 15 years ago to red-hot. Paddleboarding is totally versatile, takes minimal equipment, little if any instructional training and you can do it on any major water surface including oceans, lakes, streams and rivers.  Beginners can develop balance and strengthen their core by learning on flat, still water while advanced paddleboarders can race, ride waves and even paddle down rivers for a challenge!  It offers an amazing full body workout and is becoming… Read More