Vacation Homes for Sale in Captiva Island, Florida – Real Estate Overview

Captiva Island holds the rest and relaxation that comes to those who are adept at working hard for their dreams. Whether it’s the enchanting Gulf of Mexico to the west or Captiva’s skies and sunsets that have been designated by Travelocity as “the most romantic in all America,” the attractions reserved for guests and owners of vacation homes run the gamut from idle leisure to active luxury.

Other great attractions are Yacht Harbor, as well as Captiva Island’s Bubble Room, a multi-themed restaurant featuring an incredible collection of old toys from the 1930s and 1940s. These are just a few of the stellar stand-outs that Captiva Island vaunts for those looking for vacation homes for sale.

Located in southwest Florida, Captiva Island paints a captivating picture of both leisure and reward with its superb vacation homes for sale. Since 2000, the island has had a population growth of 48.2%, underscoring the essential fact that Captiva Island comprises both prime real estate and savvy investing. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the Wall Street Journal named Captiva Island, Florida as one of the best places to buy a second home! To this end, let’s now take a look at the numbers.

Captiva Island Real Estate

With the average list price for all real estate on the island has grown from $1,500,000 in April to $1,810,000 in the last quarter alone, up a strong 15.5% from last year’s numbers, vacation homes for sale in Captiva Island are reaping a higher demand. Additionally, the median home price is currently at $450,000 – a 6.2% decrease from last year, which is a welcome dream for prospective investors looking to buy a home for sale on the island. Indeed, with numbers like these, there is definitely no time like the present to lock into the real estate market’s remarkable growth in Captiva Island.

Additional numbers show that single-family homes make up 36.5% of total real estate on the island. To date, over 80% of these properties are owned by their investors, as opposed to the national average of just over 66%. Additionally, the national average for rental properties, at 33%, is higher than Captiva Island’s own average for renters, which clocks in at a little over 19%. Buying a vacation home for sale in Captiva Island, Florida, then, is investing in the true American dream! You truly get what you pay for, and you truly earn what you get, when buying a vacation home for sale in Captiva Island, Florida.

Based on the statistics, as well as the growth of the island’s list prices that are outpacing its neighboring cities, buying an exclusive vacation home for sale on the island is not only a rewarding investment but a key indicator to the island’s discerning population.

Captiva Island is known for its endearing hospitality. This hospitality is not only reserved for its world-famous guests, such as Teddy Roosevelt, J.N. “Ding” Darling, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and Charles Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh found Captiva Island so rewarding that he regularly landed his plane on the beach in front of ‘Tween Waters Inn) but to its own inhabitants as well, such as the world-renowned painter Robert Rauschenberg, whose home still stands on the island.

Based on the market data alone, savvy homeowners who wish to buy a vacation home for sale on the island should astutely gather from the current market indicators why it is such an exciting time for purchasing vacation homes in Captiva Island! Furthermore, the peaking interest in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry of the island, which includes its neighboring sister city of Sanibel to the north, ensures that real estate prices, as well as local businesses on the island, will prosper and thrive from all of the garnered interest and investment.

Also, Captiva Village, which is located mid-island, offers specialty shops as well as both gourmet and casual restaurants. In addition to fine dining, Captiva Village also contains a public library, community center, and the historic beachfront nondenominational Chapel By The Sea. Another interesting fact about Captiva Island is that Pepperidge Farm itself has actually created a cookie in honor of the island – the so-called Captiva cookie – a mouth-watering confectionery of dark chocolate brownie!

With the allure of its exclusive vacation homes for sale, as well as the growing real estate market on the island, owning a stake in America’s past, present and future can indeed be a sweetened dream come true in Captiva Island, Florida!

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