Look at the Stats – Vacation Homes in Cocoa Beach, Florida

For those in the market to buy a vacation home, or for those simply contemplating the thought of buying a home, vacation homes are for sale (but not for long!) in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Real estate market trends, low-interest rates, and the sheer beauty of Cocoa Beach amalgamate, creating an ideal location to buy a vacation home.

First, Cocoa Beach is a vibrant yet intimate community located on the Atlantic Coast, and is one of the best beaches in Florida for visiting families due to its location within the “Sunshine State.” A quick search on Google Maps shows that Cocoa Beach, Florida is only an hour’s drive from Orlando, Florida, and all those famous theme parks which allow everyone to enjoy the fun and excitement of being a kid.

Cocoa Beach Real Estate

That’s good news for real estate buyers, for as real estate prices continue to increase so do their future investments. As for the “for sale” inventory in Cocoa Beach, Florida, vacation homes are for sale but selling fast. The median number of days an active property stayed on the market was only 89, and the number of active real estate listings dropped 16% from April to May.

Turning the channel to CNBC or Bloomberg TV for five minutes illuminates the current, strikingly low-interest rates across the United States–even more, good news for a future vacation or rental home buyers. The current National Average Interest Rate for a fixed 30-year mortgage is 3.9%, and Bankrate.com estimates the average interest rate for a fixed 15-year mortgage in Cocoa Beach to be 3.02%, while the national average for a fixed 15-year mortgage is 3.21%. These rates are historically low and sure to eventually increase, further solidifying the present and near future as the time to check the “for sale” ads, buy a home, and invest in real estate.

Real estate information shows that buying a vacation home in Cocoa Beach can be a lucrative venture, but what makes this vacation spot better than the multitude of other places to buy a home in?

We shouldn’t outsource too much of the fun to other areas, however. Cocoa Beach is a wonderful community in its own right. The key to understanding Cocoa Beach, and why one should buy a home, is understanding how the attractions in Cocoa Beach are so variegated. Distinct yet varied, Cocoa Beach’s attractions fit both the surfer and the tech nerd’s qualifications. The largest surf shop in the world, the Ron Jon Surf Shop, is a must-see attraction–for the expert surfer and for someone who has never even fathomed standing up on a piece of wood in the middle of a crashing wave. Museums, hall of fame, baseball stadiums, and theme parks all find a home in Cocoa Beach as well.

Cocoa Beach not only has materials for the sandcastle builder, but the golfer, animal enthusiast, and amateur food critic will also find ample activities and locations to suit their interests. Maybe the most swaying fact of Cocoa Beach, however, is the BEAUtiful temperate climate, which never strays too far from the average 73 degrees. It’s a perfectly variegated paradise in which to buy a home. Specifically, the Brevard Zoo, Jungle Adventures, and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge give any family a break from the beach while still being able to enjoy the beautiful weather and the area’s lush ecology. Finally, Cocoa Beach is so close to the Kennedy Space Center, you can view shuttle launches from the beach!

Still not a believer? Some properties allow you to test vacation homes before you buy. This blogger adamantly believes you will enjoy that test, as the beautiful beach and plethora of attractions will speak for themselves. Cocoa Beach, Florida is a vacationer’s paradise. Cocoa Beach, Florida is a local’s paradise. It’s time to become a part of that paradise.

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