Disney Stroller Rentals

If you have little ones and are considering taking a trip to a Disney, it’s almost impossible not to consider using a stroller. And if you don’t want to drag your own stroller all the way to the parks, the good news is you can rent one when you get there!

Disney Stroller Rental Options:

  • Rent directly from Walt Disney World at one of the four Disney theme parks.
  • Rent from an outside company off-property
  • There’s plenty of stroller rental locations all throughout Disney’s theme parks.

Yes, it’s a convenient option and a popular choice for many parents. However, there is a more economical way to rent from Disney than just doing a daily rental. Did you know that you can get a Length of Stay stroller rental at Disney parks? Yep, that’s right you can rent a stroller for the length of your stay. You just pre-pay for the length of stay, then you simply just show your receipt each day at the rental pick-up location. It’ll save you some money in the long run!

Some things to consider though are if you are planning to use a stroller on Walt Disney World transportation, keep in mind that Disney stroller rentals cannot be taken outside the theme parks. Guests must return their stroller rental upon exiting and, you must have that receipt at the park each day to pick up your rental stroller. (It goes without saying to keep that Disney stroller rental receipt somewhere safe!) For more information on Disney parks stroller rental Click Here.

Another option is to rent a stroller from an Off-Property business in the area. They are generally cheaper alternatives and they offer a wider array of stroller models and sizes.

While there are many off-property stroller rental companies in the area, Kingdom Stroller is our recommended Disney World, stroller provider.

They have all your stroller and crib rentals need and will deliver – free of charge – straight to your theme park resort, off-site hotel, vacation home, or even their NEW OPTION! Airport Pick up and drop off! Guests are now able to pick up and return their stroller rental from the Orlando International Airport. The pick-up and return counter will be located in Terminal A, Level 1 at the Wrap ‘N Fly service counter ( next to the USO lounge ). The counter is staffed from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week ( pick ups and returns before or after hours will be left in front of the service counter ).

They’re much better quality and more comfortable than the hard plastic Disney strollers, they recline, plus they come with a free rain cover and cooler. And the convenience that they can be taken anywhere you go!

There’s no need to worry about Kingdom Stroller’s inventory because they’re well-stocked and all their rentals fit within Disney’s size guidelines.

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