Pricing Update on Real Estate in Key Largo, Florida

At the top of the Florida Keys Island chain sits the biggest island of them all. Key Largo is full of friendly people who are very welcoming and willing to get you comfortable with your new home and environment. If it is your first time on the island the best tourist view of the island you could see is through an eco-tour, floating on a parasail and on a jet ski.

ABC .com’s “Good Morning America” and Neil Cavuto of Fox Business Network touted Key Largo, Florida as one of the “Hottest Places” for “baby boomers” to retire in. To own a vacation home in Key Largo means a lot of views, fishing, and kayaking, and swimming with dolphins on a regular basis.

Key Largo Real Estate

According to Trulia Residential Real Estate, February 13th to April 13th was the most current released statistics on the real estate market in Key Largo, Florida. Trulia showed the median sales price for homes is $275,000, up 5.4% or $14,000 compared to the prior quarter but 0% compared to the previous year. This is the best time to start searching for real estate to own in Key Largo, Florida because sales prices have depreciated 37.3% over the last 5 years. shows that in Key Largo, Florida vacation homes are for sale at an average listing price of $1,061,006 as of May 22nd,. That price displayed a slight decline of 2.7% or $29,372 compared to the week ending May 1st. Key Largo is one of Florida’s most popular real estate markets for vacation homes because it is the first of the extraordinary Florida Keys and the self-proclaimed Dive Capital of the World.

The housing market in Key Largo is very diverse based on the different kinds of houses that are displayed for sale. There are big, medium and small houses for all sorts of families. Taking in perspective that Key Largo, Florida stretches 30 miles being the biggest island of the Florida Keys that just makes the housing market bigger. The real estate on the market currently and in the future is in high demand primarily because of everything that Key Largo proves to be able to offer its residents.

Key Largo offers endless adventures outside of the remarkable vacation homes for sale including diving, snorkeling, and glass-bottom boating in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. For the retired adults if you would like to just take advantage of the vacation atmosphere you can grab a tropical beverage and sit on the John Pennekamp State Park Far Beach and watch the beautiful sunsets.

Key Largo, Florida offers a wide selection of fun and exciting activities for the whole family. One activity that seems to be a must-experience is to go embrace and encounter the third largest reef in the world spanning 2,800 square miles in the water. Because of this living coral reef size, it plays a big role in the for-sale signs being changed to sold signs.

So, it is clear that vacation homes in Key Largo, Florida would be a great setting for homeownership. With that in mind and how the sales prices have been depreciating lately why not act now and purchase your real estate in Key Largo? Making Key Largo, Florida your home would not be a mistake based on Men’s Journal Magazine in 2002 ranking Key Largo number 11 of the “50 Best Places to Live” list.

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