Home Prices in Pensacola Beach, Florida Continue to Rise

Pensacola Beach is a coveted getaway that boasts pristine beaches, first-rate fishing, and wonderful year-round weather. As a result, Pensacola Beach has long made for a wonderful place to own a Florida vacation home. The real estate market has been picking up steam in the past year, as more and more people choose to take advantage of the opportunity to buy homes before the prices go even higher.

Pensacola Beach Real Estate

At the moment, the average list price of a home in Pensacola is around $500,000 and the median sales price is at $215,000.  However, that number will likely be trending upward for the foreseeable future.

For beachfront property, Pensacola offers excellent prices when compared to other locations in Florida. But, just like other beach locations in Florida, the sale prices for vacation homes in have been on the uptick.

At this point, and with the current future projections of rising prices and sellers being less likely to take lowball offers, it seems buyers are best to act now if they are to purchase homes while a good deal can still be had.

But the greatest testament to the health of the Pensacola Beach real estate market is seen in the fact that the number of home sales in Pensacola Beach has increased by 300% in the past year.

Other strong market factors are easily apparent, as well.  For example, the average number of days on the market for homes in Pensacola Beach is only 93 days.  That means a home sells in just a little over three months from the time it’s listed for sale. That is a very quick selling period!

If any piece of advice is to be given regarding the real estate market of Pensacola Beach, it’s this.  Now is a great time to buy a vacation home. The market is picking up and the prices are only going to continue to increase.

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