The Strong Real Estate Market in Tallahassee is Contributing to Florida’s Comeback

Tallahassee is incredibly close to large airports including Orlando, Atlanta, and Tampa. It is the capital city with a wonderful subtropical climate that includes long summers and mild winters, and Tallahassee has the least damage from hurricanes in Florida. This city is full of excellent buying opportunities in the real estate market. Make your next vacation permanent and buy in Tallahassee, Florida.

Tallahassee Real Estate

As the market for buyers improves nationally, many people are putting the beautiful city of Tallahassee, Florida at the top of their wish list as a place to own a vacation home.

Home value indices from Zillow and Trulia rate the Tallahassee market well. And all indications suggest that home prices are only going to continue to increase. The demand for homes in Tallahassee has certainly increased with the strengthening of the real estate market, which is now stronger than it’s been in years.

The average listing price of homes in Tallahassee is currently $316,501, but with plenty of homes for sale in lower and higher price ranges, there are limitless options, depending on the wants and needs of you and your family. The number of homes for sale has increased as well, at approximately 900 homes sold recently.

Tallahassee certainly provides an excellent opportunity for real estate investments when you consider the following benefits; Florida does not have a state income tax or personal property tax.

An additional financial advantage of purchasing a home in Tallahassee, Florida, is that you’ll have the ability to rent it out for certain weeks of the year, given that it’s a vacation hot spot. If you know in advance that you won’t be using the home during the winter holidays, you’ll be able to rent it out. The median long-term rental price in Tallahassee is between $800 to $1000 depending on neighborhoods and certain amenities. But, vacation rentals can pull in 3 – 5 times that amount each month with ease.

What else does Tallahassee offer?

The city is less congested and crowded than other neighboring areas such as Orlando and Tampa, and it certainly boasts less of a tourist trap. Tallahassee has numerous state parks, universities, and golf courses. It offers something for everyone, and the city has maintained the lovely “southern charm.” Some of these sites include Florida State University (which homeowners are qualified for in-state tuition if your kids are applying to schools), St Marks National Wildlife Refuge, the New Capitol Building, and more. Tallahassee also boasts much lower crime rates than the larger cities in Florida, and the city has much excellent public and private schools.

Buying a vacation home in Tallahassee does allow the freedom of being able to come and go as you please, but still makes one able connect to with the locals and enjoy the city as a resident, not just a visitor.

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